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Luxuries villas
with Beach and Nature

A tropical luxuriant villa, with incredible view of the soothing ocean, nestled on a ground with more than 14000 square meter, in harmony with its magnificent beach, surrounding lush gardens, private infinity pool and breathtaking views over the Ocean, Kandora villa rises on the alluring horizon, with perfect poise.


All the modern comforts you expect.

2x 50sqm Beach Pool Villas
Bedroom suite

  • Ocean & pool viewview
  • Sumba house style
  • Natural stone bathtub
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Ocean views
rooms and Suites

  • Infinity pool
  • 5 villas, suitable up to 14 persons
  • Extense private beach
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2x 45sqm Beach Pool Villas
Bedroom suite

  • Ocean & Pool view
  • Private garden
  • Sumba house style
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Delicious Food

Fresh Food & Drink

What better way to ensure you completely unwind and relax during your holidays than to have your one professional chef in your villa!

The personal chef at Villa Kandora is permanently at your service to prepare and ensure the highest quality meals for your stay.

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Private beach & White sand

Breathtaking Sunsets

Happiness in waterfalls

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